Sustainable lifestyle


No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

A sustainable lifestyle needs a  balance of work and rest,  responsibility and freedom.


Snitsla will guide to

suitable solutions.


By sharing experiences and learning from each other we can use our time in a better way and save our planet from wasting valuable resources.



Snitsla will find and share good examples.


Give all your needs and demands a thought. Consumption is not always necessary, and a circular economy can become a solution.



Snitsla will help you to choose products with a quality that lasts.


I believe that everyone can take action and make sustainable choices in how we live our lives and how we use the world's resources. But we need knowledge, inspiration and smart solutions to guide us and make the choices easier.


It is a terrible waste of resources when newly bought products brakes after only a short period of use. Short-term economic decisions will be more costly in the long run why long-term sustainable options are a better solution in both financial terms as well as for not wasting resources.


This is what Snitsla is about. A guide to more sustainable choices for you as well as for our world. If interested you find more about my projcts at Snitsladesign.



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I will be happy to discuss your thoughts on sustainable living.

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