There are a lot of things we can learn from each other to live a more sustainable life. By sharing lessons learned everything will be easier and more fun. If interested, follow my blog post for more inspiration, and share your best idées  for a sustainable lifestyle.


A lot of food is wasted and thrown away every day. Let's learn how to use leftovers from a meal by adding extra nourishing stuff to make a nice lunch.

Let's plan ahead and have things ready for when we get hungry.

Instead of using one-time food boxes,  get a reusable lunch box of your choice that you can bring every day, every week, all year along.


Healthy and economically!


We only have one life and one body, and we need to take care of it.
You don't have to exercise very hard, but a 30 minutes walk every day will make a wonder to your physical as well as mental health and wellbeing. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, your bike instead of the car, get off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest. If too busy just driving the kids to their activities- stay with them and do your workout there and then.

It just takes 21 days to build a new habit or break an old.


Even though we have a busy time, with everything that is life - working, taking care of home and household, children, old parents, etc., we need our space and time where we can relax, let the thoughts wander, empty our heads and just enjoy. If that is reading a book, listen to music, being creative with our hands is individual. But we need it,  as much as we need to breath.


Family and/or friends are vital to our wellbeing.

Take your time playing with your children when they want to, one day they don't want you around as much anymore. Spend some time with your parents or other older people. They have a lot to tell.  Meet up with your friends or partner for a quick chat. It gives a lot of energy.

Help a neighbour and you will get lots of help from others. Pay it forward!


There are so much we want, and so little we need. Just give that a thought next time you stop in a shop. Do you need it and for how long?
If you still think you do, is it the right choice? Is the quality good? Can you choose something that will last longer?

Does this thing make you happy or would you instead save the money and do something with someone you care for?